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    LOA Centre SG specialises in providing training and coaching, using the Law of Attraction (LOA), Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), to Instill Positivity, Drive Performance and Increase Productivity – at the workplace, for your business or in any area of your personal life.

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Teamwork and ‘Abundance’

One of the concepts that is very important while practicing the Law of Attraction is the concept of Abundance. Abundance means different things to different people when we try to define what or how much is abundance, but there are some things that everyone will agree to: Abundance is a state of plentifulness Abundance is…


Feeling Fulfilled? Guest Article by Michael Losier

You’ve likely heard the expression, or maybe even say it yourself,  “I’m bored”, “I’m not fulfilled at work or in my relationships”, “I’m still trying to figure out my life’s purpose”, or,  I’m not feeling motivated at my job”. “… 76% of Singaporeans surveyed by Accenture are unfulfilled in their workplace” (Source: Millionaires who don’t…


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