The Secret of Successful Change – at the Workplace

I still remember when Obama ran his first campaign for the White House.  Do you remember?  His catchphrase was CHANGE.  It was different and daring for the time.  However, what I found fascinating was how THAT word – CHANGE -  captured the imagination of the American people (well he did get elected as President). People…
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NLP for Professionals – building Rapport quickly

This month our focus is on NLP (look out for our NLP for Professionals workshop run at SIM)  Some of you may know a lot about NLP and others maybe not so much.  The area of study in its current form, has  been around since the 1970’s although lot of aspects were already being tested…
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Teamwork and ‘Abundance’

One of the concepts that is very important while practicing the Law of Attraction is the concept of Abundance. Abundance means different things to different people when we try to define what or how much is abundance, but there are some things that everyone will agree to: Abundance is a state of plentifulness Abundance is…
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