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Feeling Fulfilled?

You've likely heard the expression, or maybe even say it yourself,  "I'm bored", "I'm not fulfilled at work or in my relationships", "I'm still trying to figure out my life's purpose", or,  I'm not feeling motivated at my job". "... 76% of Singaporeans surveyed by Accenture are unfulfilled in their workplace" (Source: Millionaires who don't…
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Visioning, Visualisation, Vision boards and Law of Attraction

A question I get asked very often with my work around Law of Attraction is “What exactly is visualisation?” and “How do we use vision boards?” and “How can this help with attracting what I want?”  In this article I aim to share the answers to all these questions and more. (more…)
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Improving Employee Engagement with the Law of Attraction

What sort of images come to your mind when you hear the term: Law of Attraction?  Chances are if I could see you and imagined that there was a bubble over your head, like they have in cartoon strips, some of the comments, thoughts and words that would be captured may be a mixture of…
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