Law of Attraction and Relationships

We had a interesting and lively meetup on 9-Nov-2011 on Law of Attraction and relationships. Here is what emerged from the presentation I made and the many questions and discussions:

1. The very first step to attracting your ideal relationship is self-love and self-worth in that aspect of your life. For e.g. If you want to attract your ideal friends you need to be first confident in yourself as a friend and be a friend to yourself. This is critical because if you believe you are not a worthy friend, at any level, then that is what you are vibrating and that is what the law of attraction is giving you more of. Also, its important that this self-worth is in that aspect of your life where you want to attract relationships. For e.g. I am a great wife and mother and have attracted the best relationships in those aspects but I needed to work on my own self-image as a business partner before I attracted my perfect business partner.

2. Make a love list based on your own experience (ex-boyfriends/girlfriends, ex-bosses, ex-friends etc. etc.) or experiences that you had observed very closely. If you make a love list based on books and movies, and what you think is 'nice' then chances are that things that are in your unconscious mind, which are based on your experience and observation, will be driving your results even if they're not on the list.

3. Give your desire attention in whatever way works for you. We discussed vision boards, vision boxes, desire statements and gratitude lists written as if the future has happened.

4. Celebrate the closeness of the match. The first relationship you attract may not be the ideal, celebrate the closeness of the match, use it to hone your list even further and then let it go. If you focus on what didnt match then the law of attraction will give you more of what you are focusing on - what you didnt like.

5. Remember that you are not static, your ideal is not static. Once you have attracted the ideal relationship then you need to be aware that both of you are changing and that the same love list that attracted the ideal may not be fully true and satisfying anymore. I know that what I wanted in my romantic relationship as a college girl is different from what I wanted as a bride, is different from what I wanted as a wife, is different from what I wanted when we became parents. I now use Law of Attraction to enhance my relationships in the moment by attracting connection, activities that we enjoy together, time with each other etc. etc.

For those of you who were there, heres the link to the article I mentioned about Alice's Love List. It took Alice 5 years to manifest her list because first she had to learn to love herself, and because she put her list in a drawer and forgot about it. How fast do you want to manifest your ideal relationship? Remember, the key is to allow it.

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