100 Perceptual Puzzles by Pierre Berloquin, Denis Dugas, Martin Gardner

By Pierre Berloquin, Denis Dugas, Martin Gardner

A hundred Perceptual Puzzles

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EMPLOYMENT HISTORY age twenty apprentice CommTerra. PERFORMANCE satisfactory. PERSONALITY withdrawn. POTENTIAL high. TRANSFER age 22. Sent as warranted CommTerra certificate junior status, Consulate Megaera. PERFORMANCE excellent. PERSONALITY acceptable, introverted. POTENTIAL very high. DEMERITS none. No entanglements known. PRIVATE LIFE normal as far as known. PROMOTIONS regular and rapid. TRANSFER age 26. Phi Coronis IV. CommTerra ratings expert. Legation. PERFORMANCE excellent; commendations for extraordinary work.

I warned you once, remember; but I understand you had to do some pretty extensive nosing around…” Kerwin drew breath, trying to present his case calmly and reasonably. “Sir, if I made this whole thing up out of whole cloth, why would anyone be bothered by what you call my ‘nosing around’? ” Kerwin said, and his voice was bitter. “Okay,” the Legate said, “just give me one good reason why anyone should bother plotting against one small-time civil servant, son of—as you claim— a spaceman in the Empire, somebody nobody ever heard of?

So far, it was just a hunch; but he began to shift his mealtimes and eat at odd hours—and four times out of five he saw the swart Darkovan there. Then he did his drinking in another bar for a day or two; and by now he was sure that he was being shadowed by the man. No, shadowed was the wrong word; it was too open for that. Ragan was making no effort to keep out of Kerwin’s sight. He was too clever to try to force himself on Kerwin as an acquaintance—but he was putting himself in Kerwin’s path and Kerwin had the curious hunch that he wanted to be charged with it, questioned about it.

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