101 Defensive Back Drills by Ron Dickerson Sr, James A Peterson, Coaches Choice

By Ron Dickerson Sr, James A Peterson, Coaches Choice

The protective again drills in one hundred and one shielding again Drills (Second variation) are appropriate and potent in any respect completive degrees. The drills during this e-book were accumulated, field-tested, and utilized by way of a trainer with greater than 4 many years of collegiate soccer adventure. competently designed drills could have a unprecedented worth, permitting coaches to higher boost the talents in their gamers. the kinds of drills featured contain warm-up, quickness, velocity & agility, flow, response, insurance, tackling, and fumble restoration.

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Page 28 Drill #18: The Juggler Objective: To improve the player's lateral quickness and timing; to enhance hand-eye coordination. Equipment Needed: Two footballs. Description: The coach starts this drill with a football in each hand and a player opposite him at a distance of 23 yards. The coach begins by tossing one ball toward the defensive back. The player catches the ball and throws it back to the coach. The coach then immediately throws the other ball to the player, making him move laterally in the opposite direction.

Coaching Points: The coach should require the players to back-pedal and twist their hips at a moderate speed to start the drill. The players should run when recovering to the starting position in order to accentuate the warm-up benefits of the drill. Page 13 Drill #4: Torso/Hip Twist Objective: To warm-up the player's torso, hips and legs. Equipment Needed: None. Description: The coach has the defensive backs form two lines facing each other, double-arms length distance between players. The distance between lines should be about 34 yards.

The route, combined with the various hit-the-ground and run-in-place commands, is designed to create a rigorous, non-stop, warm-up session. When running in place, players should be required to lift their knees as high as possible. Page 54 Drill #41: Pike's Peak Objective: To develop stamina; to practice lateral movements; to enhance lateral quickness; to warm-up. Equipment: Nine cones or scrimmage vests. Description: The coach places nine cones (or scrimmage vests) in a dispersed manner on successive yards lines over a distance of 45 yards.

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