A+ certification bible by Edward Tetz; et al

By Edward Tetz; et al

Equipped round the examination goals for simple reference in the course of particular target concentration, A+ Certification Bible includes broad self-evaluation possibilities that will help you make sure what components want extra research. entire insurance permits you to maximize the data, and tailor your research in your personal wishes at any point of experience.Covers: examination 220-201 and 220-202

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A+ certification bible

Equipped round the examination targets for simple reference in the course of particular aim concentration, A+ Certification Bible comprises wide self-evaluation possibilities that can assist you be sure what parts desire extra examine. entire insurance helps you to maximize the data, and tailor your learn in your personal wishes at any point of expertise.

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856 856 856 857 858 859 860 862 863 864 866 869 872 872 872 Chapter 27: Using Windows-Based Utilities . . . . . . . 875 Operating System Utilities for Disk Maintenance Drive converter FAT16 to FAT32 . . . exe . . . . . . . . . . exe . . . . . . . . . . ScanDisk . . .

POSTOS 12. What is the purpose of a “port replicator”? A. It enables you to double the number of COM ports on your computer. B. It routes data from one computer to another. C. It provides additional ports for a laptop computer. D. It provides a communication path between serial and parallel ports. 13. CPU stands for ____________________. A. Core Predetermination Utility B. Complementary Provider Unit C. Central Processing Unit D. Co-Primary Uniprocessor 14. CMOS stands for ____________________.

F 6/7/01 8:12 AM Page xxxv Preface Solving Other Problems . . . . . General protection faults . . . Illegal operation . . . . . Invalid working directory . . . System lock up . . . . . . Optional device will not function . Application will not start . . . Network logon problems . . . TSR programs and viruses . . Application will not install . . Assessment Questions . . . . . Lab Exercises . . . . . . . . Answers to Chapter Questions .

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