A Chessplaying Astronomer by Edward Winter

By Edward Winter

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Dissertation by Vogl [Vogl 2003] applied vibro-acoustic system analysis as a tool for realizing adaptive structural systems. The focus was on the development of vibroacoustic sensor concepts as a basis for adaptive vibro-acoustic measures to reduce the sound radiation of vibrating structures into the acoustic free field. Li et al. [Li 2004] investigated the combinatorial optimal design of the number and positions of actuators in actively controlled structures using GAs. They considered a building subjected to earthquake excitation and controlled by active tendon actuators.

In his opinion, the best general purpose optimization codes are based on SQP. Chickermane and Gea [Chickermane 1996] developed a local function approximation algorithm, which generates a sequence of convex, separable subproblems. Nastran. Previously, deformed shapes were generated using different load cases, and the resulting displacements were used as shape basis vectors. The authors’ method uses Bernstein polynomials to define a “shape box”. Sensitivity analysis for sizing optimization using ABAQUS code was the title of a paper by Zhang and Domaszewski [Zhang 1998].

2 Literature Review 17 Various techniques for the optimization of structural topology, shape, and material were introduced in a book by Bendsøe [Bendsøe 1995] with a focus of topology optimization. Bakhtiary et al. Nastran and CAOSS (computer aided optimization system Sauter), which is based on fully stressed design as well. Duysinx and Bendsøe [Duysinx 1998] described a procedure to solve optimal material distribution problems with stress constraints by means of topology optimization of continuum structures.

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