About Mass-Energy Equivalence by Harrison D.M.

By Harrison D.M.

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Best relativity books

Relativity (Routledge Classics)

Time's 'Man of the Century', Albert Einstein is the unquestioned founding father of smooth physics. His idea of relativity is an important medical suggestion of the fashionable period. during this brief e-book Einstein explains, utilizing the minimal of mathematical phrases, the fundamental principles and rules of the speculation which has formed the area we are living in at the present time.

Albert Einstein: Philosopher-scientist

Written by way of the fellow thought of the "Person of the Century" by way of Time journal, this isn't a glimpse into Einstein's own existence, yet an extension and elaboration into his considering on technology. of the good theories of the actual global have been created within the early twentieth century: the speculation of relativity and quantum mechanics.

What Is Relativity

A couple of eminent Russian theoretical physicists supply an enthralling view of the paradoxes inherent to the unique conception of relativity. Written in an easy type, the textual content makes use of general items (e. g. , trains, rulers, and clocks) to light up the extra sophisticated and elusive elements of relativity.

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