Adult heart muscle cells: Isolation, properties and by Dr. T. Powell (auth.), H. M. Piper, P. G. Spieckermann

By Dr. T. Powell (auth.), H. M. Piper, P. G. Spieckermann (eds.)

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The carbohydrate components of the myolemma and sarcolemma were tested with FITC-Iabelled lectins (MEDAC), listed in Table 2. The pathogenic relevance of antimyolemma l (AM LA) and antisarcolemmal (ASA) as well as antiendothelial (A E) antibodies was measured in a microcytoxicity assay using vital cardiocytes as target cells (3). Antibody mediated cytolysis in the presence of complement was assessed by an index, comparing the half-life of cardiocytes in the presence of the patient's serum and in control sera (pool).

The uptake kinetics with saturation and sigmoidal shape indicates carrier mediated uptake, however, not of simple substrate-carrier interaction determined by mass action ratio, since the latter should exhibit Michaelis-Menten-like kinetics. It rather points to a cooperative carrier system. When formally calculating according to Segel (13) a cooperative system with 4 binding sites would fit best to the data points. However, data of literature on cooperative carrier systems for lactate transfer are not available.

Pharmac Ther 16: 331 - 376 4. Phillipson KD, Bers DH, Hishinato A Y (1980): The role of phospholipids in the Ca2+ -binding of isolated cardiac sarcolemma. J Mol Cell Cardiol 12: 1159- 1173 5. Bianchi CP (1969): Pharmacology of excitation-contraction coupling in muscle. Fed Proc 28: 1624- 1628 6. Borgers M (1983): The role of the sarcolemma-glycolcalyx complex in myocardial cell function. In: DeBakey and Gotto (eds). Factors influencing the course of myocardial ischemia. Elsevier Biomed . Press.

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