Advanced UNIX Programming by Warren W Gay

By Warren W Gay

Complicated UNIX Programming is going past the basics of UNIX programming and offers details and strategies the readers must extend their wisdom base. Designed for pro UNIX programmers, this booklet builds at the abilities and data the reader already possesses. It comprises insurance of net tactics, interprocess regulate, dossier approach manipulation, synchronization, and lots more and plenty extra.

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For example, it might seem harmless to duplicate a file descriptor being used by stdio(3) and then call lseek(2) on the duplicated file descriptor. However, this will also change the file position for the original file descriptor. For some implementations of the stdio(3) library, this may cause you grief. Summary For many readers, this chapter has been a review. For those ramping up their knowledge to program in C under UNIX, this chapter will have exposed you to some important UNIX concepts. Perhaps you learned a few historical tidbits along the way.

If the open(2) call returns a failed indication by a return value of -1, then we know that the error code will have been posted to the integer errno. Testing for Failure with Pointer Results Other functions that report their failure by returning a null pointer can identify when to use errno as follows: FILE *fp = fopen("makefile","r"); makefile */ /* Attempt to open if ( fp == NULL ) { /* Failed? */ /* Open Failed: the value of errno holds an error code */ ... } else { /* Open succeeded: the value of errno has no meaningful value */ ...

The read and execute permissions are similar, but distinct. You cannot list what files or subdirectories exist in a directory without read permission on that directory. However, if you already know the name of a file under that directory and you have execute access on the directory, then you can open that file (assuming the file grants read access). You can also change to a subdirectory of a directory with execute-only access, if you already know the subdirectory's name (if the named subdirectory itself permits it with execute permission).

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