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Its removal is vital, as it causes corrosion in the combustion system, as well as pollution via the sulphur oxides in combustion exhaust emissions. Regulations for vehicle fuels in most countries stipulate less than 10ppm. The four most common removal processes used in biogas upgrading plants are as follows: Page 20 © Copyright Pira International Ltd 2007 Advances in Biogas Biogas technologies 4 Biological By using oxygen and iron, natural bacteria can convert hydrogen sulphide to elemental desulphurisation sulphur.

A pasteurisation/hygienisation unit is not, however, mandatory for biogas plants that transform only animal by-products which have undergone processing Method 1. In addition, a pasteurisation/hygienisation unit is not mandatory for biogas plants that transform only Category 3 material that has undergone pasteurisation/hygienisation elsewhere. 2 If the composting plant is located on premises where farmed animals are kept, the plant shall be located at an adequate distance to the area where animals are kept and there must be in any case total physical separation between that plant and the animals and their feed and bedding, with fencing where necessary.

Around 80% manure, mainly slurry, is codigested with 20% organic waste from abattoirs, other food industries and municipalities. Some plants co-digest sewage sludge or the organic fraction of source-separated household waste. The resulting biogas is mainly used in heat and power generation applications, while the digested biomass is redistributed to farms as fertiliser. The Danish government aims to integrate biogas production into the national gas grid. Sweden Swedish company Svensk Biogas has developed a passenger train that runs exclusively on biogas.

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