Advances in Geosciences: Volume 10: Atmospheric Science (As) by Wing-Huen Ip, Jai-Ho Oh, Gyan Prakash Singh

By Wing-Huen Ip, Jai-Ho Oh, Gyan Prakash Singh

Rainfall over Thailand in the course of ENSO (1997 2000) (Wonlee & Prungchan) Formation of Tropical Cyclone Concentric Eye partitions through Wave suggest stream Interactions (J Y Peng et al.) Anthropogenic Aerosol Radiative Forcing within the INDO-Gangetic Basi (S Dey & S N Tripathi)

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The structure was stable and showed little change till 9:00, while the relatively large echo appeared and raised its altitude from the ground during 9–12 h. 5–2 km. This condition continued till 16:00. Figure 4(b) shows the result observed during 0–12 h on December 23, 2006. The cloud appeared at the altitude of 6 km and lowered its altitude gradually from 0 to 6 h. 5 km starting from 6:00. 5 km. Furthermore during 8–10 h, another cloud appeared on the lowered boundary layer. Obviously, those results demonstrate the benefit of long-term observation.

In addition, we know that the precipitation over East China also has interdecadal variability and the spatial distribution pattern of the summer fall in East China has distinct transition. Whether the EASM’s movement also exhibits interdecadal variability? How is the relationship between the interdecadal variability of EASM’s movement and the spatial distribution pattern of the rainfall in East China? 5◦ upper air reanalysis daily data and 740 stations rainfall data compiled by April 10, 2009 12:4 AOGS 2007 - AS Volume 9in x 6in b672-V10-ch05 X.

Li Generally, the onset of the SCSSM is accompanied by a well-defined vertical southward-tilting moisture structure in the southern and central SCS in early and middle May (Fig. 2). In 2003, the enhanced convective activities occur in middle May in the central SCS around 12◦ N–15◦ N (Fig. 2(b)), signaling the onset of the SCSSM. Then, the rainfall maximum moves northward in late May (Fig. 2(c)). In 2004, strong rainfall starts in the southern SCS in early May (Fig. 2(d)), and then the rainfall maximum moves northward in middle and later May (Figs.

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