Aesthetics in Present Future: The Arts and the Technological

The subject matter of Aesthetics in current Future matters the hot possibilities the humanities have and the deep adjustments they're present process, because of the new media, and the electronic international within which we're growingly immersed.

That this international is to be understood from a classy perspective, turn into transparent if we expect of the way a lot of what we produce, and detect and examine is accessible via pictures particularly and perceptual capacity often.

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They have already announced it to the soldiers, they say. Evening. The newspapers still won't confirm the rumour. I have just come infromthe streets. It was quiet. And as I write this now, I wonder whether, over there in the Vosges, the joy of victory is spreading through the mountains, it must be good to be there now, uplifting, or whether... And I imagine: the last rays of sun wander over a corpse-strewn batdefield... Thousands lie dead: dead or with twitching limbs. And I think of the many heavy sacrifices that such a victory costs.

People on the left had real worries, they knew the score and weren't interested in theatricals. The stuff that camefromthe left was, with the exception of a couple of useful revues, artistically pretty old hat, of a decidedly slavish mentality. A few literati, anxiously orientated to left or right, put together texts which were based on the calculation that a simple lack of intelligence is enough to make plays comprehensible. Typically, they presented themselves to the proletariat as 'the new', as themselves, or else they believed that 'literary feeling' is the feeling which foments revolutions.

They contain the voice of the author, who was an important man. I should confess at this point that I don't think much of the poetry of Rilke (an otherwise really good man), Stefan George or Werfel, since this is perhaps the best and most radical way of informing my readers about my inability to somehow pass judgement on that sort of product. Over half a thousand poems were sent in, and I should say right away that I thought none of them was really good. Of course, I always knew that any halfway normal German can write a poem - which itself doesn't tell us a thing about the half of them.

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