Against direct perception (Article, Peer Commentary, by Shimon Ullman

By Shimon Ullman

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Furthermore, the positions and sharpness parameters (or ional foundation lor vision; now we must show how it nings of a funct by carl B. Zuckerman P•ychofo(ly Oepsrlment, BrooklynCotr�e. Y. I 12tO What are the contributions of the direct their eQUivalents) associated with these edges are the quantities that perception approach? lion can be based, and schemes like Ullman's, as they were developed direct visual perception change in time. It is upon these descripons it that the motion computa· lor the kineic t depth effect, can be adopted to ftnction successfully here as well.

But he regarded ambiguous patterns as "extrerne cases" of no interest. His theory of invariances was scarcely elaborated until my book (1966) came out (see also v. Fieandt & Moustgaard 1g77). It is interesting that he later returns to this conception repeatedly. Gibson never mentioned eidetic imagery (see Haber: Twenty Years of Haunt­ " ing Eidetic Imagery" BBS 2(4) 1979], nor did he investigate brain­ example of the "stimulus oriented" approach is perhaps found in the injured patients with intact retinal images.

I am not disputing that in other respects Gibson has made very useful contributions to the study of perception). needed. One of my favourite anti-direct-perception demonstrations In view of all this I ffnd it hard to consider the claim that perception is direct as a serious contribulion to psychology, and will lherelore restrict myself to minor qullbles over deta�s of Ullman's arguments s i the well-known example shown in Figure 1 . Many people (the exact percentage is irrelevant), when first confronted with this can stare at it and lhe MIT view of visual perception, after making a small point in partial support of one of Gibson's claims.

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