Amino Acid Neurotransmitters by Ricardo Tapia (auth.), Leslie L. Iversen, Susan D. Iversen,

By Ricardo Tapia (auth.), Leslie L. Iversen, Susan D. Iversen, Solomon H. Snyder (eds.)

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Studied also in slices of cat spinal cord (Bakar and Johnston, 1973). "see Table 3 for effects with preincubation. 'LiCi was also administered in the diet for 8 wk with no effects on GABA uptake in brain slices from the treated animals. 'Pyridoxal-5'-phosphate stimulated GABA uptake by 25%. "Studied in slices of cat spinal cord. 24 RICARDO TAPIA Roberts, 1963). , 1968). , 1971a), inhibited the uptake of GABA by isolated nerve endings (synaptosomes). , 1971). The inhibitory effect of L-2,4-diaminobutyric acid on the uptake of GABA by brain slices (Table 3) has also been reported in synaptosomal preparations (Simon and Martin, 1973).

The encircled numbers represent mechanisms leading to a diminished synaptic action of GABA, and the encircled letters indicate those which enhance GABA action. , 1971; Hammerstad and Cutler, 1972a). , 1975b). 32 RICARDO TAPIA 1967a; Tapia, 1974), the conyulsant effect of drugs which inhibit GAD activity is independent of the total concentration of GABA in brain (Baxter and Roberts, 1960b). , 1973) and that the inhibition of other B6-dependent enzymes is not related to seizure susceptibility (Tapia and Pasantes, 1971).

1968), and intravenously exerted some protection against metrazole convulsions in chickens (Kobrin and Seifter, 1966). , 1964). PHARMACOLOGY OF GABA IN CNS 39 Some effects of intraventricular GABA on the conversion of labeled glucose carbons into amino acids in brain of mice have been described (Watkins, 1971a; Brown and Watkins, 1973). The labeling of glutamate, aspartate, glutamine, and GABA is decreased, while that of alanine is increased. These changes have been ascribed to control mechanisms of energy metabolism during alterations of neuronal excitability (Watkins, 197Ia).

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