Aphrodite : Book One by Manara M., Louys P.

By Manara M., Louys P.

Alphrodite is a masterpiece of French nineteenth century literature. This classical story of sensuous love was once one of many best-selling novels of its time. released in 1896, Aphrodite made Pierre Louys recognized and was once through some distance his maximum luck, surpassing that of his different well-know works equivalent to The Songs of Bilitis. Conceived as a singular of the antiquity concentrating on ladies and on gentle, Aphrodite lends itself evidently to illustration.Book One, illustrated through Milo Manara - the tale occurs in Alexandria within the 1st Century BC the place Demetrios, a popular artist falls in love with a courtesan, Chrysis. She asks him to turn out his like to her by means of committing 3 crimes and Demetrios has the same opinion. during this quantity, Manara shall we his mind's eye run wild as he illustrates part of this novel.

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