Approaches to Traditional Chinese Medical Literature: by Wolfgang Bauer (auth.), Prof. Dr. Paul U. Unschuld (eds.)

By Wolfgang Bauer (auth.), Prof. Dr. Paul U. Unschuld (eds.)

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I~" (Ru Men Shi Qin film$ll!! ). Also seen in Su Wen, "Shang Gu Tian Zhen Lun" 1, Vol. 1). 20. tt for J'IJ: .. O',ilfi:;r;;lOCmif;. (Lei ling ilK/!! ), Preface). (3) Misunderstandings in Ancient Texts Misunderstanding the true meaning of a character, phrase, or certain expression in ancient texts often leads to wrong annotations or explanations. Such problems can be found in the work of both ancient and modem scholars. For example, in Su Wen ("Sheng Qi Tong Tian Lun" 3, Vol. " This is a rather farfetched interpretation.

1636). ~iIJi" can be used as medicine. The wrong punctuation, however, implies that the entire plant can be used. :~: :t:Jl:JI1II m:k", ~tR. 'l'jjm~ m~H ~~. m Shanghai People's Health Press, 1957, p. 62). : is emphasizing the importance of the therapeutic function of tRJf (immature bitter orange: Fructus Citri seu Ponciri immaturus), ~. I(fii (prepared soybean: Semen Sojae praeparatum), which are indispensable in Da Cheng Qi Tang :kiJ;j\8 (Major Purgative Decoction). But his meaning has been seriously distorted by incorrect punctuation, which gives the impression that the above-mentioned drugs should be removed from the formula, running entirely counter to the original prescription.

4 (1981): 41. l~\lfIIl1l' , Wen-wu 6 (1975): 16. 10 t±:Illliiiiit ,1975. , "Notes on the Han Dynasty Bamboo Strips Unearthed at Chang-chia-shan in Chiangling" i'I~'lfst*W-lllflllml1lt. ,Wen-wu 1 (1985): 9. :~aliff~1'Ji , Taipei. l'Hll. , Wu-shih-erh Ping-fang Ii -t=jJijjJ (prescriptions for Fifty-two Illnesses), Peking: Wen-wu Publishing, 1979. 10 Ma-Wang-tui han-mu po-shu cheng-Ii hsiao-tsu. ed. 'Hll Ma-wang-tui Han-mu Po-shu 4 ,~:EJt'Ulm\l (Han Silk Manuscripts from Ma-wang-tui), Peking: Wen-wu Publishing, 1985.

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