Architectural philosophy by Andrew Benjamin

By Andrew Benjamin

Architectural Philosophy is the 1st ebook to stipulate a philosophical account of structure and to set up the singularity of architectural perform and conception. This surprising series of essays opens out the topic of structure, referring to concerns as large ranging because the challenge of reminiscence and the dystopias of technological know-how fiction. Arguing for the indissolubility of shape and serve as, Architectural Philosophy explores either the definition of the location and the opportunity of alterity. The research of the character of the current and the advanced sructure of repetition permits the potential of judgement, a judgement that arises from a remodeled politics of structure.

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As such, this gave rise to a set up in which the viability of terms such as exterior and interior lose their purchase if taken to define in an absolute sense the occupation and programmatic effect of the building. (In part what is taking place is that these terms can no longer be defined literally. ) And yet, the displacing of the opposition exterior/interior does not mean the vanishing of the object. On the contrary, the insistence of its presence demands a reconfiguration and thus theoretical reexpression of its constitutive elements.

The difficulty here is trying to answer the question concerning the presence of '1'informe' in architecture in relation to the identification of abstract qualities. 12 There are two reasons why the work of this architect is to be used. The first is the more general methodological clam that consistent with what has been argued thus far there cannot be an adequate abstract answer concerning the presence in architecture of '1'informe'. Any investigation must always investigate particularity. The second is that beginning with Eisenman allows for an opening in which an important connection can be drawn between alterity and sustaining the presence of '1'informe'.

In this context this has two direct consequences. } Equally, however, it opens up the possibility of defining alterity in terms of an engagement with appearance. The questions arising with these consequences not only concern what is meant by appearance but whether or not the presence of poetry or sacrifice TIME, FUNCTION AND ALTERITY IN ARCHITECTURE 25 mediates appearance. In the latter case appearance would no longer be merely appearance. It is the possibility of this mediation and thus for appearance to bear the mark of the power of the negative that is at its most exacting within architecture because of the way in which architecture is present.

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