Ask a Midwife: All Your Pregnancy and Birth Questions by Catharine Parker-Littler

By Catharine Parker-Littler

All of your being pregnant and start questions responded by way of skilled midwives. what is top to devour while pregnant? what number mins aside should still my contractions be? what is a very good tip for an outstanding night's sleep? in terms of shelling out care, recommendation and pleasant reassurance while pregnant and labour, midwives are the healthiness execs moms are looking to flip to. you will find 1,000 real-life inquiries to midwives, responded with updated info you could belief. It covers every thing you must understand from notion to the 1st weeks of lifestyles with a brand new child. It attracts at the event of long term midwife Catherine Parker-Littler. "Ask A Midwife" is like having your personal a midwife on name, 24 hours an afternoon.

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Q My midwife said I should avoid pâté. Why? All pâtés, including those made from vegetables or fish, should be avoided during pregnancy unless they are canned or have been heat treated. This is due to the risk of listeriosis, a rare infection caused by the bacterium Listeria monocytogenes found in pâtés, blue-veined and some soft cheeses, unwashed salads, and raw milk. Listeriosis resembles a mild flu, with symptoms such as aching, sore throat, and a raised temperature. However, even a mild infection can cause miscarriage, stillbirth, or severe illness such as meningitis or septicemia in the newborn.

Most are “normal,” while others, such as urges to eat soil, coal, chalk, or soap, are not, although they do sometimes happen! Normal cravings can include a desire to eat anything from pickles and ice cream to chocolate. Mention this craving to your midwife since she may want to check that you are not deficient in magnesium, B vitamins, or iron, all found in dark chocolate. A little indulgence is fine, but giving in to a pregnancy full of chocolate could cause nutritional deficiencies if it stops you from eating a well-balanced diet, and leads to excessive weight gain.

Q My partner treats me as if I’m made of glass. How can I show him that this isn’t necessary? Discuss your feelings and allow him to voice his concerns. Ask him to come to an appointment, since the more he understands, the better equipped he’ll be to provide more appropriate support when needed. my test is positive: What happens next? 41 trying for a baby now you’re pregnant your 40-week journey Why is pregnancy so scary? a safe pregnancy Q Is it OK if I cut down on smoking, rather than quit? Although you may be tempted just to cut down, quitting smoking is best.

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