At Astatine by Klara Berei, Siegfried H. Eberle, H. W. Kirby, Helmut

By Klara Berei, Siegfried H. Eberle, H. W. Kirby, Helmut Münzel, Kurt Rössler, Arnulf Seidel, László Vasáros (auth.), Hans Karl Kugler, Cornelius Keller (eds.)

Astatine is - in addition to radon and francium - the one usual radioelement which simply has short-Lived isotopes, thereby except for experiments with . . weighable" quantities of the aspect. this suggests that every one on hand information on physics and chemistry of this point are 12 sixteen in accordance with experiments at the tracer scale with 10- to ten- g - and this can additionally now not switch in destiny simply because no longer-Lived isotopes as but identified are to be anticipated. since the one isotope of At taking place within the typical decay sequence, 219At, effects from the zero. 005% a-branching of 223Fr which itself is produced by means of the one 1. 38% a-branching of 227 Ac - a member of the 235U sequence - there's no likelihood to get well huge quantities of 219At from common resources for clinical learn of At. All experiences, hence, are being performed with the isotopes 209At to 211At having half-lives within the few hours area and being received via irradiation of bismuth with a-particles through (a,xn) reactions or by means of proton irradiation of heavy components through spallation reactions. The usually used isotope is 7. 22 h 211At. the short separation of the bought At isotopes is not any very tough approach and is both being performed by way of rainy adsorption-precipitation innovations or utilizing its excessive volatility by means of destilling in air.

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O • 14,8s Fr208 Fr209 58,6 Fr 210 50,0 3,18 m , ,,6. 0. 5 m 280 0 6. 5. l:J,';8 In r; Q 5,587 n 6. 83 Bi 97 II. 71 ... ..... s n 1y211g II. :~I . 288.. 501' n. 788: 'ee: 1110.. . St . '·.... W'" , ..... ,c. a'. 34 ,50; 10: 235... 6 s 24,7. 825d . 72 Fr224 3,3m I\"U2,8... y218: I~ 137; 1341 .. r:s' ~7 I. '~; • 375. :7: 1808 g. ". 5. y2M: 188. _ . 72h References on pp. 87/94 Fr227 2,47m ,90; _. 1;_ 2,4- Rn226 6,Om ,- 91l lOl Bi203 g Fr225 lyalS BI202 BI201 1:- .. S 1I6 ,.. 27It. 1018. 7'7 - ,..

3-4, p. 07 min Gmelin Handbook Astatine (At) further references [31, 46] References on pp. 87/94 Nuclear Properties of Astatine Isotopes 26 Fig. 5 21/r - - - . _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ~ ____ 0 201 At Levels of 201At observed in the reaction 192Pt(14N,5n)201At. Transition and level energies are quoted in keV [62]. 40 MeV (syst) [30] GmeLin Handbook Astatine (At) 27 Astatine-202 levels : for the ground state J7t 5+ was proposed [28]. A level at E* :::::110 keV was suggested by [33] which, however, was not confirmed by [34].

89 MeV (syst) [30] levels: for the ground state J1t 5+ was proposed by Schmorak [56], however, 6+ or 7+ could also be possible. Vakhtel et al. [91] favor also 5+. Hornshoj et al. [34] postulate that in the decay of 208Fr a 7+ state with E* ~ 20 keY is populated in 204At. A metastable state at E* 600±20 keY with J1t 10and a half-life of 108 ± 10 ms is formed in heavy ion reactions with Au, Ir and Pt [57]. 07) leading either to the ground or the first (~20 keY) state [87] Gmelin Handbook Astatine (At) References on pp.

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