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0 V02/07/00 P04/06/00 LIQUIDITY MANAGEMENT 3-7 PROGRESS CHECK 3 (Continued) Question 4: If the market rate is 10%, and we say we are willing to pay 20%: _____ a) we will be able to buy from any bank. _____ b) we can get more money. _____ c) our credit rating will be excellent. _____ d) people will suspect our creditworthiness. Question 5: If a short money supply is a problem in our country: _____ a) we may not be able to buy funds at any rate. _____ b) we can ask our customers to wait for their money.

That is the risk that it there will be a cost to close the gap. Liquidity risk A loss is a problem, but it is not the worst thing that can happen. It will be even worse if, after six months, we are unable to get the funds at all. If we can't get the funds at any rate, we face a liquidity problem. So a negative gap involves both a price risk and a liquidity risk. The most important issue is that we may face a liquidity problem and, if not, we may still face the problem of adverse price movements.

_____ b) gap. _____ c) wait. _____ d) interval. Question 5: The microeconomic significance of liquidity management is the: _____ a) bank's ability to meet its obligations on time. _____ b) loan department's ability to make loans. _____ c) stability of the country's banking system. _____ d) stability of world economy. Question 6: The macroeconomic significance of liquidity management is the: _____ a) loan department's ability to make loans. _____ b) stability of world economy. _____ c) bank's ability to meet its obligations.

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