Beyond the Einstein Addition Law and its Gyroscopic Thomas by Abraham A. Ungar

By Abraham A. Ungar

Facts that Einstein's addition is regulated through the Thomas precession has come to mild, turning the infamous Thomas precession, formerly thought of the gruesome duckling of particular relativity thought, into the attractive swan of gyrogroup and gyrovector house thought, the place it's been prolonged via abstraction into an automorphism generator, referred to as the Thomas gyration. The Thomas gyration, in flip, permits the advent of vectors into hyperbolic geometry, the place they're known as gyrovectors, in this type of approach that Einstein's speed additions seems to be a gyrovector addition. Einstein's addition hence turns into a gyrocommunicative, gyroassociative gyrogroup operation within the similar manner that standard vector addition is a commutative, associative workforce operation. a few gyrogroups of gyrovectors admit scalar multiplication, giving upward thrust to gyrovector areas within the similar approach that a few teams of vectors that admit scalar multiplication provide upward push to vector areas. moreover, gyrovector areas shape the atmosphere for hyperbolic geometry within the similar approach that vector areas shape the atmosphere for Euclidean geometry. specifically, the gyrovector area with gyrovector addition given through Einstein's (Möbius') addition kinds the atmosphere for the Beltrami (Poincaré) ball version of hyperbolic geometry. The gyrogroup-theoretic innovations constructed during this e-book to be used in relativity physics and in hyperbolic geometry let one to unravel previous and new very important difficulties in relativity physics. A working example is Einstein's 1905 view of the Lorentz size contraction, which was once contradicted in 1959 by way of Penrose, Terrell and others. the applying of gyrogroup-theoretic ideas in actual fact tilt the stability in want of Einstein.

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We assume that the inner product in (also known as a scalar product) is positive definite in the sense that v • v = ||v|| ² ‡ 0 for all v ˛ and ||v||² > 0 if v „ 0. Clearly, a positive definite inner product is non-degenerate, that is, then u = 0. Indeed, if u • v = 0 for all if u,v ˛ and u • v = 0 for all v ˛ v ˛ and any given u ˛ then, in particular, for v = u we have ||u|| ² = 0 implying u = 0. 57) An isometry must be linear. 1 is a linear self-map of . VERIFYING THE COCYCLE EQUATION Some identities with lengthy, but straightforward, algebraic proof are presented in this book without proof.

Herbert Goldstein, Classical Mechanics The Einstein addition and its associated Thomas precession form an integral part of the greatest intellectual achievement of the twentieth century, that is, the understanding of spacetime geometry. However, it seems that the presence of relativistic velocities with their Einstein’s addition in spacetime geometry results in a loss of mathematical regularity since Einstein’s addition is not a group operation. Indeed, one of the goals this book is to show that this is not the case.

36) Conversely, one must also show that x = b gyr[b, a]a is indeed a solution. 18 on p. 47. 34) that contrasts our gyrogroup formalism approach is found in [Ung91c] [Ric93]. 3 on p. 36. 1 (The Loop Property). 35). 6), is a loop. 37) calling it the gyrogroup cooperation that coexists with the gyrogroup operation ¯. 39) The Einstein binary cooperation , called the Einstein coaddition, will prove useful in the algebra of Einstein’s addition. 43) that is symmetric in u and v. 44) We thus see that while Einstein’s addition ¯ possesses the left cancellation law, we need its coexisting operation, the Einstein coaddition , in order to have a right cancellation law as well.

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