Biomass as a Nonfossil Fuel Source by Donald L. Klass (Eds.)

By Donald L. Klass (Eds.)

content material: commercial improvement of biomass strength assets / George P. Schaefer --
wooded area biomass for strength : a viewpoint / R.L. Sajdak, Y.Z. Lai, G.D. Mroz, and M.F. Jurgensen --
creation of nonwoody land vegetation as a renewable strength resource / Alex G. Alexander --
Biomass creation by means of freshwater and marine macrophytes / W.J. North, V.A. Gerard, and J.S. Kuwabara --
strength from clean and brackish water aquatic crops / John R. Benemann --
Multi-use vegetation and botanochemical construction / M.O. Bagby, R.A. Buchanan, and F.H. Otey --
results of response stipulations at the aqueous thermochemical conversion of biomass to grease / P.M. Molton, R.K. Miller, J.A. Russell, and J.M. Donovan --
Liquid hydrocarbon fuels from biomass / James L. Kuester --
Key elements within the hydrolysis of cellulose / Jerome F. Saeman --
views at the monetary research of ethanol creation from biomass / Harry J. Prebluda and Roger Williams, Jr. --
chemical substances from biomass via better enzyme expertise / George H. Emert and Raphael Katzen --
Methane creation through anaerobic digestion of Bermuda grass / Donald L. Klass and Sambhunath Ghosh --
complicated digestion strategy improvement for methane creation from biomass-waste blends / Sambhunath Ghosh and Donald L. Klass --
Methane creation from landfills : an creation / Edward J. Daley, Ira J. Wright, and Robert E. Spitzka --
Product distribution within the speedy pyrolysis of biomass/lignin for creation of acetylene / Martha Graef, G. Graham Allen, and Barbara B. Krieger --
the consequences of place of dwelling time, temperature, and strain at the steam gasification of biomass / Michael J. Antal, Jr. --
Gasification of oak sawdust, mesquite, corn stover, and cotton gin trash in a countercurrent fluidized mattress pilot reactor / Steven R. Beck, Maw Jong Wang, and James A. Hightower --
Thermochemical gasification of woody biomass / H.F. Feldmann, P.S. Choi, H.N. Conkle, and S.P. Chauhan --
Comparative financial research of chemical substances and artificial fuels from biomass / Fred A. Schooley, Ronald L. Dickenson, Stephen M. Kohan, Jerry L. Jones, Paul C. Meagher, Kent R. Ernest, Gwen Crooks, Katherine A. Miller, and Wing S. Fong --
An research of gasohol energetics / William A. Scheller --
wooden creation energetics : an research for gas functions / Norman Smith and Thomas J. Corcoran --
Silvicultural platforms for the power effective construction of gasoline biomass / F. Thomas Ledig --
electrical strength new release from wooden waste : a case examine / Richard T. Sheahan --
A biomass allocation version : conversion of biomass to methanol / Y.K. Ahn --
The strength plantation and the photosynthesis strength manufacturing facility / Malcom D. Fraser, John F. Henry, Louis C. Borghi, and Norman J. Barbera.

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T h e removal of t o p s , l i m b s , a n d cull trees in a selective log harvest, w h i l e i m p r o v i n g t h e visual i m p a c t , w i l l d e s t r o y t h e c o v e r n e e d e d for s m a l l a n i m a l s a n d birds. A m u l t i p l e use m a n a g e m e n t a p p r o a c h is necessary w h e n i m p l e m e n t i n g increased forest u t i l i z a t i o n , b u t at s o m e sacrifice in y i e l d . Not every acre can be utilized t o its fullest p o t e n t i a l for b i o m a s s p r o d u c t i o n .

Cost-benefit ratios have n o t been d e t e r m i n e d because of t h e variety o f s t u d y c o n d i t i o n s e n c o u n t e r e d . M u c h a d d i t i o n a l i n f o r m a t i o n is needed t o f u l l y assess t h e feasibility of using n i t r o g e n - f i x i n g species in s h o r t - r o t a t i o n i n t e n s i v e p l a n t a t i o n c u l t u r e . Economics of Intensive Plantation Culture T h e yields f r o m intensively c u l t u r e d p l a n t a t i o n s are c o n s i d e r a b l y greater t h a n t h o s e f r o m natural s t a n d s o f similar tree species.

S. Forest Service w i l l be in t e r m s of b o t h m e r c h a n t a b l e v o l u m e a n d t o t a l w o o d biomass. ch002 availability of w o o d supplies o n a regional basis for industrial a n d energy purposes. Biomass inventories m u s t also u n d e r g o e c o n o m i c assessments since in m a n y s i t u a t i o n s , t h e c o s t of c o l l e c t i n g , p r o c e s s i n g , a n d t r a n s p o r t i n g b i o m a s s materials w o u l d e x c e e d a n y reasonable v a l u e a n t i c i p a t e d for fuel or other products.

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