Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 10 01 by Christos N. Gage

By Christos N. Gage

New season. New ideas. The age-old conflict of Slayer vs. vampire is the point of interest of Buffy's existence as soon as again--- it's downright nostalgic! yet with the entire toying with magic she's performed in recent years, this lady may still comprehend it's time for one more online game swap ... Shouldn't she?

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He knew nothing about where he was, who had captured him, or what they wanted. He only knew that someone had faked that car accident. When he had slammed into the overturned vehicle, his seat belt had saved him, but given him a very nasty jolt. He passed out. For how long, he had no idea. When he came to, he was in another van, this one speeding, and he had on a blindfold. His overdeveloped sense of smell detected a very heavy perfume odor, and as he sniffed, a woman laughed in his ear. Sharp nails ran down his neck and across his right collarbone.

Look at the first section of your test paper,” Ms. Broadman suggested. It was multiple choice. ” Whoops, the C and D were both marked as wrong. “Now please read Ms. ” He skimmed them silently. They were exactly the same. Xander shrugged. ” He skimmed that, too. He raised his brows at Ms. Broadman. “I read the book this time. It’s practically like that word for word, and —” “No. It’s not,” Ms. Broadman said. “At first, I thought that as well, but I checked the book. Close, but not close enough.

And yet, this phone call may hold the key. “Oh, my God, I’m so terribly sorry,” Giles said. “Is there . . are you in a lot of pain? Dash it. No, I can’t. I’ve got this bloody bimbo I have to take care of. No, no, I’m rather like her guardian. Yes, she’s got a mum, but she’s a dithering idiot. ” Buffy was goggle-eyed. She told herself it had to be an act, something he was putting on for the benefit of this David, whoever he was. But if it was, he should get an award at the next Watchers’ Follies.

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