Build Your Own Firefox Extension by James Edwards

By James Edwards

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One final point to note is the keyset elements must be deeper than the first-child of the root element (such as window or overlay), or they may fail to work. In this case I’ve put them inside the tags that defined our Tools menu overlay. Language Data in XUL The language for Firefox extensions is defined in two different ways, and ultimately all the language you use in an extension should be implemented using one of these methods. 37 38 Build Your Own Firefox Extension Language for XUL files is defined as entities in a Document Type Definition (DTD) file, kept inside the locale directory.

23 24 Build Your Own Firefox Extension this Might be Unavailable One important point worth mentioning here is that the this keyword will sometimes be unavailable in this context, as predictably as you might think at first glance. If a method of an object is called from any event-handling attribute, then the this reference doesn’t point to the object. The reason is that eventhandling attributes are out of the object’s scope. If you find that awkward to re­ member, it’s easier just to avoid using this altogether, and use the single object reference instead (in this case, myextension).

4 Opening Windows and Dialogs XUL has several types of window-level elements, the most general of which is window. This element should be used as a general container for interfaces that are outside of the main browser window. It’s also the root element for the main browser window itself. org/en/XUL_reference/ Developing and Testing Your Extension But for producing dialog boxes, the element you want is dialog, which has a range of semantics in XUL and JavaScript specifically designed for such purposes.

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