C++ Coding Standards 101 Rules Guidelines by AndreiAlexandrescu

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Develop common values and a sense of community inside the team. • Increase meritocracy, confidence, motivation, and professional pride. Many shops neither reward quality code and quality teams nor invest time and money encouraging them. We hope we won't have to eat our words a couple of years from now, but we feel that the tide is slowly changing, due in part to an increased need for safe and secure software. ) method of in-house training. Even if your employer doesn't yet support a code reviewing process, do increase management awareness (hint: to start, show them this book) and do your best to make time and conduct reviews anyway.

It is a flexible tool, featuring TCP/IP access, optional enhanced security (by using the secure shell ssh protocol as a back-end), excellent administration through scripting, and even a graphical interface. Many other VCS products either treat cvs as a standard to emulate, or build new functionality on top of it. Exceptions A project with one programmer that takes about a week from start to finish probably can live without a VCS. [Brooks95 4. Invest in code reviews Summary Discussion References Summary Re-view code: More eyes will help make more quality.

Stop and think of some random good software engineering techniqueany good technique. Whichever one you picked, in one way or another it will be about reducing dependencies. Inheritance? Make code written to use the base class less dependent on the actual derived class. Minimize global variables? Reduce long-distance dependencies through widely visible data. Abstraction? Eliminate dependencies between code that manipulates concepts and code that implements them. Information hiding? Make client code less dependent on an entity's implementation details.

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