Cardiac Preexcitation Syndromes: Origins, Evaluation, and by Howard B. Burchell (auth.), David G. Benditt M.D., D.

By Howard B. Burchell (auth.), David G. Benditt M.D., D. Woodrow Benson Jr. M.D., Ph.D. (eds.)

correction of this sort of reentry while he saw The W olff-Parkinson-White (WPW) syndrome, . . . in a beneficial test, the energetic the commonest number of preexcitation, has for it slow held a fascination for these circulating wave and its immediate arrest through drawn to medical electrophysiology simply because portion of the hoop is a sight now not simply forgotten. it kind of feels to symbolize a obviously happening occasion which, if safely understood, could un­ brave is the single option to describe the masks solutions to many basic questions first try to surgically interrupt an adjunct touching on mechanisms and therapy of vehicle­ pathway. The immensity of the feat speaks for diac arrhythmias. therefore, it's been defined on its own: Open middle surgical procedure was once played to Scherf and Neufeld [1] because the "Rosetta Stone" divide an invisible circulate of electrons! This of electrocardiography. old occasion was once now not expected. A fisherman The old evaluation of the pre excitation from the coast of North Carolina offered to syndromes can be deferred to Dr. Burchell's Duke collage scientific heart in 1968 with authoritative bankruptcy, yet a couple of highlights de­ refractory supraventricular tachycardia comparable serve emphasis right here simply because they graphically to the WPW syndrome [2]. makes an attempt to regulate painting how parts of serendipity, braveness, the tachycardia medically failed. Dr. Andrew and good fortune performed vital roles within the spread­ Wallace (then Director of the Coronary Care Unit) had lately back from the NIH ing of the mysteries of preexcitation.

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