Guidance and Control–II by Mundo C J (ed.) Langford R C

By Mundo C J (ed.) Langford R C

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H. , "Satellite attitude control utilizing the earth's magnetic field," NASA TN D-1068 (August I 9 6 I ) . ^ Buckingham, A. , "A new method of attitude control utilizing the earth's magnetic field for long life space vehicles," ARS Guidance, Control, and Navigation Conference, Stanford Univ. (August 19Ô1). , et al, "Magnetic torquers for space vehicle control," Aeronaut. System Div. kSD-TOE-ö^^k (January 1963). D J McElvain, R. , "Satellite angular momentum removal utilizing earth's magnetic field," Am.

The limiting angle for capture, = 90% occurs at = 5^-°· The previous discussion describes the capture process for a satellite whose orbit takes it over one of the earth's magnetic poles. This would include orbits with inclinations between 7^4·° and 9°° for capture over the north magnetic pole and between 68° and 90° for capture over the south magnetic pole. This capture process can be accomplished using the forementioned method for satellites with a considerably lower inclination, but oscillations perpendicular to the orbital 42 GUIDANCE AND CONTROL—II plane will result.

S. and Hansen, Q. , "Study of a satellite attitude control system using integrating gyros as torque sources," NASA TDN-IO73 (September 1961). 1+ Scott, E. , "Control moment gyro gravity stabilization," AIAA Guidance and Control Conference Paper 63-32^, Mass. Inst. Tech. (August 1963). 1 ^ DeLisle, J. , Ogletree, E. G. and Hildebrant, Β. , "Applications of gyrostabilizers to satellite attitude control," AIAA Guidance and Control Conference Paper 63-325* Mass. Inst. Tech. (August 1963). Cannon, R.

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