MFC Black Book by Al Williams

By Al Williams

This e-book won’t educate you MFC—not within the conventional experience. You should
pick it up with a very good knowing of uncomplicated MFC programming and a desire
to do issues another way. This isn’t a Scribble educational (although i'm going to review
some basics within the first chapter). you'll easy methods to wring every
drop out of your MFC courses. You’ll observe how you can use, abuse, and
abandon the document/view structure. If you’ve ever sought after custom
archives, you’ll locate that, too.

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That will simply invalidate the entire window regardless of the hints. Suppose you are writing a spreadsheet program (again). To update the grid view of the spreadsheet, you might pass a cell number as a hint (as long as it is never zero). You don’t want to pass an absolute pixel location. Why not? Because you might have multiple views and some of them could be scrolled to different positions. A cell might be at one position in one view, another position in a second view, and scrolled completely out of sight in a third view.

V1:v2; } Now, when you call function Max with two integer arguments, the compiler will automatically create a function just like the first example. However, if you later call Max with two floating point arguments, the compiler will generate another function for floating point. Remember, C++ allows you to have multiple functions with the same name provided the arguments are different (function overloading). Notice that even though the syntax uses the class keyword, that doesn’t imply a user-defined class.

You’d simply write three distinct handlers. You’d write one handler in the word processing document class, another in the spreadsheet’s document class, and finally, a handler for the application class. The active document will get the first chance at the message. If no document is active, the application object will eventually get a chance to handle the message. None of the handlers need to know about the others. This makes for a clean, easy to maintain answer. You might wonder how a document or application object can handle messages.

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