The Routledge Intermediate Chinese Reader by Helen Shen, Zhou Yunong, Xiaoyuan Zhao

By Helen Shen, Zhou Yunong, Xiaoyuan Zhao

The Routledge Intermediate chinese language Reader is a accomplished reader designed to supply various, stimulating and up to date analyzing fabric for beginners of chinese language on the intermediate point.

The chinese language Reader presents a bridge among easy literacy talents and the power to learn complete novels and newspapers in chinese language. It comprises 40 readings, graded at the foundation of complexity of vocabulary, grammar and syntax. those readings current more than a few varied textual content forms consultant of contemporary chinese language renowned writing so one can encourage scholars to proceed studying independently in chinese language.

It is perfect for inexperienced persons who already own an information of crucial grammar and vocabulary and who desire to extend their wisdom of the language via contextualized analyzing fabric.

Key gains include:

  • Extracts from newspaper and net articles
  • Vocabulary annotation subsequent to the examining paragraphs for speedy reference
  • Short grammar motives of any complex structures
  • Comprehension and dialogue questions
  • Notes on tradition and idioms
  • Lesson constitution maps to help comprehension
  • A better half site containing lesson audio and digital vocabulary flash cards
  • Full thesaurus on the again and resolution key for analyzing questions

Suitable for either type use and self sufficient learn, The Routledge Intermediate chinese language Reader is a vital device for facilitating vocabulary studying and lengthening analyzing skillability.

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Extra resources for The Routledge Intermediate Chinese Reader

Example text

Fall behind; out of date 5. 尝【cháng】嘗 v. taste, try 6. 侧目【cè mù】側目 vo. glance 7. 琴行【qín háng】n. musical instrument company 8. 碰到【pèng dào】v. run into, bump into 9. 弦【xián】n. string (of a musical instrument) 10. 增光【zBng guAng】v. dignify, add to the prestige of 11. 突击【tE jC】突擊 v. make a sudden attack, make a concentrated effort 12. 迅速【xùn sù】adj. rapid, prompt 13. 掀起【xiAn qH】v. lift, surge 14. ; adv. inevitability; inevitably 24 Music young people like 文化/熟语注释 Culture/idiom notes *民乐【mínyuè】中国民族音乐简称民乐,又称国乐,是指中国各个历史时期的本土 音乐。中国地域辽阔,各地都拥有各具地方色彩的音乐,共同组成了中国民族音乐。著名 的民乐乐器有:古筝、琵琶、二胡、笛子、葫芦丝等。 民乐 is a short form of 中国民族音乐 (traditional Chinese folk music).

PAi】v. take (an X-ray examination) 11. 片子【piàn zi】n. film, movie (here, film used for an X-ray examination) 耐心地说:“先上3楼,过天桥,去急诊老楼,然后再下 到1楼,左转!”我一听,差点没晕过去。又走了很长的路 后,开始拍片,一大群看起来像学生的医生围着我指指 点点。同事后来告诉我,那些是实习医生,当时我感到 非常尴尬。 12. ; adj. pass out; dizzy 13. 尴尬【gAn gà】尷尬 adj. awkward, embarrassed 16 In a Chinese hospital 拍完片,又被告知得等两小时才能回来拿片子,同 事开玩笑说:“你可以利用这段时间四处转转。”我忍 不住喊起来:“饶命吧!我这脚还能再转吗?!”然后 我俩不约而同地苦笑起来。 加拿大每个人都有家庭医生*,有病就找家庭医生 看,我们和医生住得很近。没想到在中国看病却这么累 人! (671字) 14. 饶命【ráo mìng】饒命 vo. spare one’s life 15.

Bù yuB ér tóng】 不約而同 take the same action or view without prior consultation(成语) 16. ; n. html 文化/熟语注释 Culture/idiom notes *家庭医生【jiatíng ycshbng】在中国,现在还没有家庭医生制度。许多人只是在有病的 时候才去医院。每个人根据自己的病情直接找专科医生看病。比如脚扭了,就找骨科医生看病。 The family doctor system is not currently implemented in China. Most people would just visit the hospital if they felt sick. Patients would be directed to see a specialist. For example, if you had a foot or ankle sprain, you would need to visit an orthopedist. 疼得要命 ; . . , in extreme agony), my colleague went to the emergency room to check in for me, but the check-in receptionist did not allow him to do so and asked him to take me to do a pre-check first before registering to see a doctor.

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