LOACENTRESG-93Many individuals or groups benefit from additional support during the process of using the tools that we teach. With this in mind, we offer various forms of coaching to help them achieve success:

  • Individual Coaching - one-to-one coaching fully customised to your situation and need.
  • Group Coaching - where a group (of upto 6 individuals) has a common or similar needs that they are willing to share and work with in a group.
  • Post-Workshop Coaching - follow-up coaching from any of our workshops to help the coachees fully absorb and utilized the skills and tools taught. This could be either individual or group coaching.

Coaching can be offered in our areas of expertise:

  • Executive coaching
    • Coaching for New Managers - when individual contributors move on to Management positions
    • Transition Coaching - moving roles
    • Developmental Coaching - to build new Skills and capabilities for career growth
  • Presentation Skills coaching - 1-on-1 Presentation Skills Coaching