The Orange Frog™ – Leading Positive Performance

Would you be interested in knowing how you can increase your organization’s productivity by 30% with the same employee workforce and resources?

The good news is that you can - by learning how to give your employees the ‘Happiness Advantage’.

The single greatest advantage in the modern economy is a happy and engaged workforce. A decade of research proves that happiness raises nearly every business and educational outcome: raising sales by 37%, productivity by 31%, and accuracy on tasks by 19%, as well as a myriad of health and quality of life improvements. (Shawn Achor – HBR 2012). Positive environments are performance enhancers. They are characterized by higher productivity, less turnover and more resilient cultures.

And there are not enough of them! Gallup's latest global workplace report, released in October, 2013 reveals that only 13% of employees are “actively engaged” at work – i.e. they are psychologically committed to their jobs and making positive contributions to their organizations (this figure is even lower for Singapore – only 9%!). The vast majority of employees (63% worldwide and 76% in Singapore) are “not engaged” i.e. they are not emotionally connected to their workplace and therefore are less likely to invest in organizational goals or outcomes. And engagement is a function of employee happiness.

By creating a positive culture in your organization and helping employees create a positive mindset the organization gains a huge competitive advantage.

Positivity can be learnt. While genetics and environment play a part, training your brain to be positive is not so different from training your muscles at the gym. Recent research on neuroplasticity—the ability of the brain to change even in adulthood—reveals that as you develop new habits, you rewire the brain.

All your employees can learn to be more positive, which has a ripple effect and creates a positive culture in the organization.

Large businesses aren't the only ones to realize these benefits. There are strong implications for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) as well. SMEs hire about 70% of the labor force and contribute almost half of Singapore's GDP. The rapid pace of business can strain the limited resources of a small staff, making it difficult for an SME to attract and retain quality employees. Engaged and happy employees stay longer and contribute more.

So, how can organizations create a positive culture?

Leading Positive Performance™ is an experiential workshop that teaches the science of sustainable peak performance.

leading-positive-performance-3This workshop is based on the works of Shawn Achor. Shawn Achor is NY Times bestselling author of The Happiness Advantage and Before Happiness. He is the founder of GoodThink, an applied positive psychology consulting firm. His talk on is fast gaining popularity with over 6 million views worldwide. He has now lectured or researched at over a third of the Fortune 100 and in 45 countries.

Testimonials for the book ‘The Happiness Advantage : The Seven Principles of Positive Psychology That Fuel Success and Performance at Work’

“Achor transports us to his virtual classroom, a journey along which we glean the seven secrets of happiness. The Happiness Advantage reveals the most important discoveries coming out of modern psychology.” -Rom Brafman, bestselling co-author of Sway and Click

"Achor bases his training on a burgeoning body of research on the positive psychology movement, which emphasizes instilling resiliency and positive attitudes…." -Wall Street Journal

In this workshop, applying the latest research-based techniques from the field of positive psychology; individuals learn the practices of resilient leaders, they become more adaptable and develop a capacity to “see” more opportunities, leading to better results. Workshop participants first learn to embrace the benefits of positive performance they then share them naturally with co-workers leading to a compounding effect inside the organization.

By attending this programme, participants will:

  • Learn the practices of positive leaders and develop a more positive attitude. A positive attitude is a performance enhancer – leading to higher productivity from the individual as well as teams that they lead or belong to.
  • Become more resilient i.e. develop the ability able to bounce back from setbacks and respond faster to change, so that they are more adaptable to the constantly changing business environment. This will enable them to see and respond to more opportunities, improve revenue and efficiency for the organization and be agile in problem solving.
  • Become positive leaders, creating an environment for their teams and co-workers where there is higher engagement, and therefore lower attrition and lower human resource costs
  • Create a ripple effect of positivity in their organizations which will compound the performance of the organization as a whole towards higher productivity, less turnover and a more resilient culture.

leading-positive-performance-4The workshop is facilitated utilizing a business parable of The Orange Frog.

Why a parable? Many people don’t take time to read whole books and if they cannot assimilate information quickly and with an emotional hook, this important research might go unheeded. Parables are one of the most effective ways of creating paradigm shifts. Using this story as a backdrop, participants explore their own workplace and identify similar pressures, similar characters and similar threats. They are then challenged to develop habits and strategies that resolve these pressures and ripple positive results throughout their teams and departments.

Brief programme outline:

  • Understand the latest research on positive psychology and its impact on peak performance
  • Recognize the driving / restraining forces (behaviours) and key factors required to achieve higher fulfillment and performance
  • Comprehend Shawn Achor’s 7 principles that fuel success and performance at work
    • The Happiness Advantage
    • Fulcrum & Lever
    • Tetris Effect
    • Falling Up
    • The Zorro Circle
    • The 20-second rule
    • Social Investment
  • Learn to apply each of the 7 principles at work
  • Understand the power of Social Scripts and Learn how to reframe or rewrite them to be more empowering
  • Create a road map (action plan) for the future – using positive performance principles to individual experience as well as the organization’s future
  • Describe the Ripple effect of positivity on teamwork
  • Create a roadmap for Change as a team

Target Audience

This programme applies to all employees and can be customized as per the level. We recommend that the managers go through the programme first, before their staff attends.