NLP for Professionals


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Do you sometimes feel like that we are all more different than similar?

Do you sometimes wish you could build rapport with your team mates and even clients better? Quicker?

Have you wondered how is it, that even though you were so clear with your instructions and your communication and most of your team members “got” you – some responded like you were speaking a foreign language?

If the answer to any of the three is a YES, you may need to develop your ability to build and boost rapport and your communication skills by learning Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). NLP is the study and application of models of human excellence. It offers tools and techniques to transform your innate potential, into performance - in both your personal and professional life.

Business Outcome

In the corporate context, NLP tools and techniques can be very beneficial for the following issues that organizations often face:

  • Interpersonal communication issues between Managers, individuals within teams and even clients – this can impact employee engagement & trust and teamwork
  • Lack of clarity in communication that leads to inefficiencies in communication especially in the context of giving and receiving information and instructions – This can impact efficiency & effectiveness and trust
  • Issues with relationships and lack of rapport with internal and external customers
  • Keeping an open mind when considering options in problem solving and understanding other perspectives

All of these issues can impact the productivity of individuals and teams – and keep them from achieving excellence in their work and achieving goals and targets.

We therefore recommend NLP for Professionals so that your employees can be:

  • Better and more effective communicators
  • More effective in reading people and situations
    • And if need be re-think the context of their situation, or conversation(s) so they can stay resourceful
  • More flexible communicators with useful strategies that can be used in in real-time
    • Especially when faced with difficult conversations and inflexible personalities
  • Better at building trust and confidence with customers and colleagues.

Learning Outcomes

  • To understand a model of how our mind works and how we create our results
  • To choose an empowering way of reframing or repositioning a situation
  • To notice what is not being said – to strategise on how to communicate more effectively and influence others
  • Communication Styles matter – Learn OWN and 3 other styles that exist
  • To build rapport easily and quickly with people you have just met and maintain it in difficult situations
  • To get the information you want by using focused, precision questioning skills
  • Learn how to use Appreciation and Acknowledgement to build resilient and rewarding relationships

Note: More modules are available in NLP that can replace the ones suggested for more customized workshop – for e.g. Goal Setting; Perceptual Position (tool to see issue or problem from multiple perspectives); Effective Listening Skills.


Workshop Details

  • This workshop is run over 2 full days. (9 to 5)
  • During the workshop, the emphasis is on actually building the competencies using Hands-on activities to learn and apply the tools in real time
    • Lots of practice
  • Real-life examples and case studies will be shared throughout the workshop
  • These workshops have been designed for a max group size of 25 pax

Value-added features

  • Manual of all slides shown + Interesting related articles
  • Job Aids
  • Video clips to aid learning

Email Support

3-week Follow-up via Email support that will include pointers on how to apply tools learnt for continued application in the real world

Who should attend

  • Anyone who is a NEW manager or Leader that needs additional tools for understanding and working and building relationships with newly led team
  • Teams that communicate cross border or work in virtual Teams
  • Individuals looking to build their flexibility as COMMUNICATORS
  • Managers and professionals who want to learn skills to connect and communicate effectively with colleagues and customers