Presenting Intelligence™


When asked to make presentations do you find you spend too much time wondering how and where to start?

Do you notice that your audience sometimes seem dis-engaged from what you are saying?

Have you been given feedback that you lack presence or are not engaging enough when you present?

Do you get questions, you should not be getting, at the end of your presentations?

If the answer to any of the four is a YES, you may need to develop your Presenting Intelligence™.

Have you noticed that more and more of our time at work is spent attending meetings and presentations? Sometimes we are there to present, other times to listen, sometimes the setting is formal other times informal, it could be face-to-face or even done virtually. In these presentations, we are either presenting our ideas, updating on projects, defending decisions or justifying plans. All this time spent communicating and presenting is wasted, if we, or the people we have to listen to are not able to present and articulate ideas well, and in a way that is engaging.

In order for time to be well spent, we need to be strong communicators – this involves planning for the audience you are presenting to, being clear about their expectations, getting specific on objectives, developing a strong and well thought out content and then having the ability to deliver with panache.

Business Outcome

In today’s environment where we have to make every opportunity to communicate and present matter, whether

  • updating our team, stakeholders or clients on projects
  • making a pitch to a client or selling a concept
  • getting approvals for our ideas
  • defending decisions made

– the ability to analyse our audience, then organise and structure our data quickly, then be able to present our ideas efficiently, effectively and in an engaging manner is a core skill for all.

Simple tools, techniques and templates will be used on how to get clarity on your audience and message so that your customised presentation is both logical and engaging.

Learning Outcomes

  • To better prepare for presentations
  • To tailor presentations to the audience
  • To organise and structure presentation content
  • To instil calmness and confidence before and during a presentation
  • To deliver with impact using best practices in non-verbal communication
  • To create visual impact with PowerPoint

Workshop Details

Training Methodology

The workshop is highly interactive with plenty of opportunities for hands-on practice, coaching and feedback. The workshop facilitator will also show video clips of exemplar presenters.

Workshop materials

  • Manual of all slides shown and interesting related articles
  • Template – to organise and structure presentations
  • Cards to organise thoughts and ideas for content development – Logical Flows
  • Feedback forms
  • Video clips of Before & After
  • 3 week follow-up via email support that will include pointers on presenting with video clips of good to great presentations.

Pre & Post Workshop Resources

  • Pre and Post workshop questionnaire for both participant and their managers to use to ensure key areas for improvement are identified then monitored for progress.

Who should attend

  • Anyone who is in a leadership role (Senior Managers, Managers, Leaders, Supervisors)
  • Anyone in a client-facing role (Marketing specialists, Sales, Public Relations, Press Officers, Customer Service etc.)
  • Financial Analysts, Technical Specialists and all those making Business Presentations (internally or externally)
  • Anyone who needs additional skills in presenting FYI or presentations that requires some form of action at the end
  • Internal Trainers


  • This workshop is run over 2 full days
  • A 1-day is possible for a class size of 8-10 pax
  • During the workshop, the emphasis is on actually building the competencies using Hands-on activities to learn and apply the tools in real time
  • There will be individual feedback forms provided for use during and post workshop. These forms will provide each individual participant with structured feedback on multiple aspects of their presentations
  • Real-life examples and Case Studies will be shared throughout the workshop
  • These workshops have been designed for a max group size of 15 pax
  • This is due to the fact that there will be video-taping of participants and individual feedback given in class. Having a larger group size will mean that feedback quality may be impacted and it may be tedious for participants in the room since it will take a long time to complete. (Larger class size may mean certain conditions need to be applied)


Initial Presentations

Objective: For trainer to gauge participants’ skill level and allow participants to know own strengths and areas to improve when presenting. Each pax will be video-taped.

  • What went well
  • What could be different

Content Development

Objective: To be able to organize and structure text for clarity and conciseness, to suit audience and occasion – Engage the mind of audience and increase effectiveness of message.

  • The Why? The Whom? The Where?
    • What is Objective for Presentations
    • Where will it be done and How long do we have
    • Who is the Audience
  • Plan the Content - Participants will be exposed to concepts of:
    • Logical Flows
  • Tools to create logical structure in organisation of points in presentation
    • Advocacy Questions

Visual Aids

Objective: To know sped way of converting data from text template to slides; know the dos and don’ts of using visual aids.

  • From Outline to Slides
  • Design Principles
  • Delivery Principles

Non-verbal Communication

Objective: To use non-verbal communication to add impact to presentations; to appeal to a wide range of audiences – to become a more engaging presenter.

  • Each module has trainer demonstration; practice and peer coaching sessions for:
    • Voice
    • Gestures
    • Eye Contact
    • Posture

Final Presentations

Objective: to integrate all skills learnt in a presentation with immediate feedback with videotaping of each presentation.

Final Presentations - Feedback

  • Compare & Contrast Day & Day 2 Video Clips