Rethink. Reset. Results™


Have you noticed there are some people seem to just attract the “good stuff” consistently? Good clients, Quick Sales and Great Projects.

Do you sometimes wish that you could keep having those days where you are “on a roll”?

Do you sometimes wish you could shake off all the “negative talk” about the economy or the industry or the markets as its getting in the way of results?

Or maybe you wish you could “shake off” the negative PEOPLE in your teams who are constantly complaining?

If the answer to any of the four is a YES, you may need to develop your ability to build and boost your POSITIVITY, and that of your teams, by using a technique called Rethink. Reset. Results™

The difference between those who are successful in their personal and professional lives and those who could be more successful lies only in their MINDSET – the way they choose to THINK and FEEL - about ourselves, or the people we are dealing with or the situation we find ourselves in.

Successful people think differently and know how to harness the power of their THOUGHTS and EMOTIONS to stop attracting into their lives what they don’t want and attract more of what they do want.

If you want different results in any area of your life, including your professional life, then you need to do something different. This workshop is one of three in our Positivity suite of programmes and deals mainly with how individuals and teams can inject positivity into a project or specific target or goal.

Business Outcomes

  • Teams and individuals that have CLARITY on targets and goals needed to achieve. More efficiency and productivity in the long run.
  • Highly motivated and inspired FOCUSED teams
  • Individuals and Teams that are POSITIVE which creates ENGAGED employees that has far-reaching impact on:
    • Collaboration
    • Communication
    • Problem Solving Skills
    • Productivity

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn simple and easy to apply tools and techniques to RESET negative thought and speech patterns to stay more positive
  • Clarity Tool to develop goal statements that are more engaging and “alive”
  • Teams and individuals know how to create “GOAL” statements that are more in line with own intrinsic motivation
  • Teams and Individuals learn how to motivate themselves and each other

Workshop Details

Training Methodology

The workshop is highly interactive with plenty of opportunities for hands-on practice, coaching and feedback. The workshop facilitator will also show video clips of exemplar presenters.

Details of Workshop

  • This workshop is run over 1 or 2 full days.
  • And during the workshop, the emphasis is on actually building the competencies using Hands-on interactive activities to learn and apply the tools in real time.
  • There will be SURVEYS to be completed on your level of Positivity - OPTIONAL
  • Real-life examples and Case Studies will be shared throughout the workshop.
  • Video Clips will be shared
  • These workshops have been designed for a max group size of 30 pax

Other features

  • Manual of all slides shown
  • Job-Aids
  • Interesting related articles
  • 3 week Follow-up via Email support that will include POINTERS on how to continue the process of building positivity for SELF and for TEAM
  • Coaching for GROUP/Individuals – OPTIONAL (based on survey results)

Who should attend

  • Anyone who leads a team that needs positivity tools
  • Sales Teams
  • Teams embarking on new projects
  • Individuals looking to build their optimism and positivity


  • How Your Thoughts and Emotions Create Your Results
    • Thinking drives emotions which drives behaviour and therefore RESULTS
      • Recognising Negative Words
      • Identifying Limiting Beliefs
  • The Impact of Positive thinking and Positive Emotions – The need to RETHINK
  • How to RESET Your Thoughts and Emotions easily and quickly using Words
  • The LOSIER 3-step formula to RESULTS
    • Clarify your DESIRE
      • Clarity through Contrast Tool - RETHINK
    • Give your DESIRE Attention
      • Ensuring POSITIVE attention, energy and focus given to your GOALS & TARGETS
      • Developing your DESIRE/GOAL STATEMENT
      • Strategise for Positive Attention
    • ALLOW IT
      • Removal of Doubt
      • Best Practices for RETHINKS & RESETS
      • Gathering Evidence of RESULTS
    • Next STEPS and Action Plan