Teamwork and ‘Abundance’

One of the concepts that is very important while practicing the Law of Attraction is the concept of Abundance. Abundance means different things to different people when we try to define what or how much is abundance, but there are some things that everyone will agree to:

  • Abundance is a state of plentifulness
  • Abundance is not-scarcity
  • Abundance is positive

Why is abundance so important to Law of Attraction practitioners? Remember that Law of Attraction responds to our vibes i.e. our moods or feelings by giving us more of the same. Abundance is a feeling, when we are feeling abundant then we get more of the same i.e. more abundance!

Most often abundance is applied to money. You feel abundant every time to receive a check or cash, its money flowing in! However, abundance can apply to anything at all – for e.g. one of the abundances in my life is that I have an abundance of support – I am surrounded by well-meaning and generous people who are supporting me in every way I need as we run our business. I have an abundance of training - I always get access to free trainings in the areas I want. I have an abundance of time. And when I notice these abundances and ‘feel’ abundant then I actually get more of the same from known and unknown sources. I have a positive, uplifting experience of life.

This is a very useful concept in the corporate situation as well. One of the biggest success factors for teams is Trust. Where team members trust each other and share resources and information, the chances of success and excellence grow exponentially. This is something that I have experienced personally as well, as I did After Action Reviews of IT projects executed in Oracle SSI, where I worked as Knowledge Manager. Invariably teams where trust among team members and in the Project Manager was high, performed better even though they faced the same challenges as other project teams and had the same resources. So the difference was in the way that the team was thinking and acting, not in external factors. And one of the reasons for Trust to form is an absence of unhealthy competition, which often arises when there is scarcity – not only of resources but even of recognition, of support or of power.

Imagine now if your teams had an Abundance mentality – how the experience of individuals in the team would change. Here are some of the ways -

  • There would no longer be scarcity and competition of resources perceived to be scarce – there would be sharing of resources perceived to be abundant
  • There would no longer be a scarcity of time, there would be an abundance of support
  • There would no longer be a scarcity of teamwork, there would be an abundance of understanding

All of which would make the team more Trustful, more Flexible and ultimately more Successful. And since Trust and Success are also feelings, more Trust and Success will follow.

Sounds wonderful! Sometimes though we could do some help with the ‘How-To’ of it. And since LOA Centre SG is the ‘How-To’ place, this article would be complete only with some pointers on how to create an abundance mindset in teams.

  1. Build clarity around what this teams’ ‘Ideal Team’ is. A simple tool to use is the Clarity through Contrast tool from Michael Losier’s book ‘Law of Attraction’. Each team will have different needs which are driven by the needs of the individuals that form that team. Its important to articulate what is the Ideal team for this team. For e.g. some of the characteristics that may come up are ‘We work towards one goal’, ‘We support each other’, ‘We share resources’, ‘We work together to resolve issues’.
  2.  Create a Desire Statement or a Goal Statement, with the buy-in of the team, which actually elaborates the outcome that they are working towards. This statement needs to be written in a manner that generates positive feelings for the team members AND lets them know when they would have that outcome. At the same time the statement has to be true for them right now, if your team is not actually working together, supporting each other or sharing then putting up a statement that says that they are will be counterproductive. Please refer to the Desire Statement tool from Michael Losier’s book ‘Law of Attraction’. For e.g. ‘We in the process of creating our ideal team / team environment. We in the process of attracting whatever we need to know, do, have in order to create our ideal team. We are excited that our ideal team is one where we support each other, share resources and work together to resolve issues. We have decided that we shall have a mindset of abundance in which we notice the abundance of resources, time and understanding. And Law of Attracting is orchestrating this now.’
  3.  Record and Celebrate Evidence – Remember Abundance is a feeling, in order to create an Abundance mindset, you need to send the vibration of abundance. So celebrate as a team everytime you find evidence of abundance. Every time a team member supports another, celebrate it, acknowledge it. Every time team members share resources, talk about it. Every time issues are resolved by working together, spread the story. As evidence builds up, team member will start seeing and saying and feeling and thinking that this team has an abundance of support, sharing, trust and the more they focus on these positives, the more they will attract.

Yes, these are the same 3 steps that we have written about in earlier articles…because they work! The 3 step formula of Law of Attraction can be used in many many contexts. So now, go out there and start creating a great team with an abundance mindset.

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