Using your 'Vibes' to Increase Sales

Have you noticed that there are salespeople out there who seem to be very “lucky” and are able to get the best clients, the quickest sales and just seem to close contracts easily and quickly?  And there are also salespeople who set targets and work hard who sometimes get this “luck” and sometimes not?

The answer may lie in an interesting area of study called the Law of Attraction. Although a concept that’s been around since the early 1900’s, with the publication of books such as ‘The Science of Getting Rich’ by Wallace Wattles, ‘Think and Grow Rich’ by Napoleon Hill and ‘The Master Key System’ by Charles F Haanel, it is only in recent years that corporations have been adopting its principles in different areas such as Sales, Motivation, Team Building and even Leadership. Some of the more recent ‘gurus’ who use, write about and teach Law of Attraction are Jack Canfield, Bob Proctor and Michael J Losier.

So what is Law of Attraction?

We say that whenever you use words like luck, karma, serendipity, synchronicity, ‘meant to be’- THAT is evidence that the Law of Attraction exists in your life.  Here is the definition Law of Attraction:

‘Law of Attraction states that I attract to myself, my life and business whatever I give my attention, energy and focus to, whether negative or positive’

So at any given time you are attracting things – both negative and positive – into your life because of the vibes you send out. The Law of Attraction, which is this universal energy around you, simply matches YOUR vibes and gives you more of the same.

So what exactly are ‘Vibes’? 

We all understand the word vibe.  We get vibes from people and places, and a vibe is nothing but a mood or a feeling.  And right now… and at any given moment… and at every moment you have a vibe - and it is either negative or positive.  Examples of negative vibes are - frustration, doubt, jealousy and examples of positive vibes are - confidence, excitement, happiness.

So why is this so important for people in Sales?

Well, given that the Law of Attraction is constantly checking in to see what sort of vibe you are offering and then matching it, we need to become very conscious about the vibes we are offering about our sales i.e. how we are feeling about our customers, how we are feeling about the market situation, how we are feeling about our products. Have you noticed that when you have positive feeling about an appointment or a client, it’s so much easier to close a sale? And the opposite is always true as well?

So, if you want to know about what sort of vibes you have been offering in terms of your sales, all you have to do is just look at what’s going on right now – it will be a perfect match.  Your vibes are creating the results you are getting.  And if it’s a “team effort” imagine what will be happening to your team sales targets – as all of you are offering collectively a TEAM vibe!  Do you know what yours is?

So HOW do I effectively manage my Vibes?

Well, we need to first think about where our vibes come from.  Our moods or our feelings are triggered by the thoughts that we choose to spend time on, and these thoughts are made up of words. So if you have a habit or pattern of picking words that are negative…they create negative thoughts, which create negative vibes that get negative results.

Some of you may now be thinking, “But I am a positive person so I still don’t get why I am attracting poorer sales and clients”.  Let me tell you about how some positive, confident people have told me they think about sales, client appointments, and about the economy right now.  Here are the top 5:

  • My customers don’t make decisions quickly
  • Budgets are being cut
  • It’s not easy to sell my product
    • as its too expensive
    • as we have too many competitors
  • My customers prefer to not deal with me
    • And prefer my predecessor
    • Prefer my manager
    • Prefer dealing with people who are more senior
  • The economy is bad and sales for our products are down
    • Locally
    • Regionally
    • Worldwide

In all of these thoughts you are either talking about, observing, complaining about or hearing what you or others DON'T like or DON'T want in relation to sales.  All of the above are thoughts which could be creating negative vibes and therefore negative results. Because you are focusing on what you actually want to stop happening, you are actually unconsciously, and through the Law of Attraction attracting more of what you “said” you did not want.  And it all makes perfect sense.

So we need to start changing the way we speak to ourselves, in our heads, about our sales, our customers and our products.  And the best time to start is NOW.  Change your vibes and therefore what you attract.

HOW to Re-set Vibes?

Here’s what I want you to do, each time you hear yourself talk about what you DON’T want, and each time you hear yourself complain or observe what you DON'T like, or catch yourself in a negative self-talk pattern, ask yourself this question:

So, what do I want?

When you go from what you DON’T want to what you DO want, the words change.  To one that is more positive and with a very different energy form where you were.  When the words change, the thoughts change and when the thoughts change, the vibes change.  And when Vibes change, the results change. 

Let me just share with you a true story about a luxury car salesman who was having trouble with sales. At every weekly meeting he was putting up with his team leader and colleague’s complaints about the state of car sales at their showroom and the doom and gloom around car sales in the country.  There was analysis of why their sales were going down over the quarters and everyone had reasons and justifications for the same. The graphs showed negative trends.  Knowing Law of Attraction he started excusing himself from these meetings as he knew that type of talk did nothing for his vibes.  Instead he chose to focus on what he loved about his best sales in the past and qualities of his best customers and by applying the 3-Step formula of the Law of Attraction he was able to sell 13 cars in 3 weeks! In a “recession”!

Become more conscious, cautious and deliberate about what you are observing, saying and thinking. Use your own feelings as a check on whether you are sending positive or negative vibes – you will know. And over the next couple of days, should you hear yourself saying DON’T, NOT or NO, ask yourself “So, what do I want?” As you change your focus and attention from what you don’t want to what you do want, your results will change for the better.

HOW else can I manage vibes?

Now as you may have guessed, there is more to Law of Attraction and increasing your vibes and therefore building your sales, and that is a 3 Step Formula.

  1. Have a clearly defined desire or goal statement
    • for your ideal sale and written in a way that really excites you and captures your imagination,
  2. Raise your vibes
    • and you can do this individually or as a team by celebrating small, medium and big wins.  Anything that gets that positive feelings flowing like creating collages and vision boards and celebratory rituals.
  3. Allow
    • For the natural law of attraction to orchestrate and unfold what it is you/your team set as a desire.

Before you can adopt the 3-Step formula to successfully and DELIBERATELY attract what you want, you need to learn to STOP what you are NON-deliberately attracting - and that is exactly what we have shared with you in this article.

So start by RE-SETting those Vibes – your success in sales may just depend on it.

About the Author:

Roshini Ganesan

Roshini has been in the corporate training business for over 10 years, trained in over 10 countries, in the area of business presentations, customer service and communication to participants ranging from interns to senior managers, senior lecturers to associate professors and always with a passion to help people live more fulfilled lives

In addition to being a certified facilitator in Law of Attraction (Michael J Losier), Master Practitioner in NLP (Australasian Institute of NLP), certified trainer in EQ (6 Seconds), accredited trainer in Think On Your Feet® (Ken Everett International), she has also been instructed in the group facilitation process of Open Space Technology.

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  1. I like your blog and there doesn't appear to be any sceitnific reasoning for it, but it does happen. I wonder if perception is a key ingredient here, as we may all have the same experiences day in and day out, but an optimist for example will view these in a more positive light than say a pessimist? I also suspect that one who is more optimistic about life will change themselves and their environment to make themselves happier. Dr. Crewther (ex-NZ!)

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