Visioning, Visualisation, Vision boards and Law of Attraction

A question I get asked very often with my work around Law of Attraction is “What exactly is visualisation?” and “How do we use vision boards?” and “How can this help with attracting what I want?”  In this article I aim to share the answers to all these questions and more.

Law of Attraction

Well first of all the definition of Law of Attraction is that “We attract to our relationships, business and life all that we give attention, energy and focus to – whether negative or positive”.

In the Losier method of attracting what you want, we also teach the 3 Steps for attracting what you want are:

  1. Identify What You Want
  2. Give Your Desire ATTENTION - Raise your Vibes (positive) around your Desire
  3. Allow It

Visualisation is about giving what you want energy, attention and focus – the positive kind.  And it is very much related to Step 2.

You see very often after we have our dreams, desires and goals written out and thought through we are excited about the possibilities but then then that excitement dies down.  And when that happens we start moving further and further away until it’s the New Year or you get a sense you need to get back on track.  Other times we have our goals in front of us but we start slipping into negative thought patterns and negative self talk taking us farther and farther away from achieving our goals.  And then of course there are those people, situations and resources (or lack of) that derail us from achieving our goals.  So the Losier method for Law of Attraction provides tools to ensure that a sense of hope, joy and confidence is constant to propel you towards achievement of those goals.  ONE of those tools is visualisation.  And a method of visualisation is the Vision Board.

What is Visualisation?

Well first of all let me state up front that visualisation is not the same as visioning.  Visioning exercises usually entails a group focused activity, the end result being a VISION that can be articulated for one’ s life or for an organisation’s purpose in delivering their service.

Visualisation however is about creating mental images of how you want your dream, desire or goal to look, sound and feel like.  So for example if my desire for my meeting with my client is for it to go well, I may visualise a very happy and results based experience – I picture in my mind that we are on time, we have cordial, high energy conversations, feeling a keen sense of interest in what I am “selling” and for there to be a commitment from the client with regards to my product or service.  So the only things you need in order to visualise is some time, some space and a healthy imagination that allows a rich “playing” of how you want things to unfold.

My first memory of how visualisation helped me – way before I got to know about Law of Attraction - was when I was in my teens and I started day-dreaming about the possibilities of going overseas to live and study.  In Malaysia many of my friends were given that opportunity but I had assumed that that would not be my reality as my perception of our financial situation at the time was that we would not be able to afford it.  In addition I had a very protective (almost possessive mum) who refused to let me do much independently – even refusing to allow me to join extra-curricular activities  at school, as it meant my not being at home.  So what more of her letting me go overseas.

Still I allowed myself to indulge in this fantasy. And then one day I came home and found a brochure for a school in England.  That was a shock because I thought “Can we afford this?”  Turns out my dad had had the foresight of taking out some extensive education insurance and what with the exchange rates at the time, studying in the UK was a viable option for me AND my brothers!   In the course of my life I would learn a concept that whatever you want you should put it out there in the universe – my precursor to the concept of Law of Attraction.  And I started doing that – and many things I have right now in my life, people and relationships and even jobs secured have been as a result of putting it out there and allowing myself to dream – visualise.

Is there evidence of  Visualisation in the “REAL” World?

The concept of visualisation is not only used in the realm of Law of Attraction.  Much of meditation involves the use of visualisation to create a certain state of mind and emotions.  There is evidence in the world of entertainment and sports on its use and that it works.  Many use visualisation to build skills they need to perfect, performances they need to nail on stage or on camera, and even as a means of healing their body and increasing muscle mass.  It is at the end of the day about giving positive energy, attention and focus to what you WANT.

The most quoted evidence of visualisation working is an experiment done by Australian psychologist,  Alan Richardson with a group of high school basketball players.  He divided the boys into 3 groups.  The goal was to improve their accuracy in free throws.  So for 20 days Group1 had to practice 20 minutes a day on the court, Group 2 did not have to do anything for those 20 minutes and Group 3 had to visualise perfect throws for 20 minutes (It is important to note for Visualisation to work you need to imagine perfect execution – only the positive outcomes).  At the end of 20 days, the results were remarkable.  As expected the group that physically practiced improved accuracy by 23%.  As expected the group that did not practice had 0% improvement.  The group that visualised improved by 22%!

There is a whole lot of other documented (Jack Nicklaus, the famous golfer; DISCOVERY and BIO channel documentaries) and anecdotal evidence (my husband and friends) that I have collected over time that supports the successful application of visualisation for success in their lives.  I use it very often before training sessions and presentations with such wonderful results.

Visualisation can be used for an end result or to ensure you stick to a process.  SO for example if your end result is wanting to be slim and lose weight to focus on end results you would see a number on scale that you desire or imagine what you look like in a particular dress.  If you want to use visualisation with the process you can imagine yourself running and working out and loving and enjoying it.

What are Vision Boards?

So yes – many of us just need our wonderful mind and some time in order to visualise.  Some people question if they can visualise at all and the answer to that is that they probably and possibly can but may not be aware of it.  Or they can but in les intensity.  And visualisation like all skills can be developed with practice.

Aids to visualisation would be physical pictorials.  So when coaches of sports teams or individuals want their coaches to visualise best practices of taking a shot or playing in a certain way – particular skills they want to build - videos are often used to help.

In Law of Attraction when we start asking you to focus attention and energy and focus on your dreams and desires, then a tool very often used are Vision Boards.  They do not work for everyone but do for many.  All vision boards are is a collage of how you want to your  (goal)  life to be or your department to be or team to be.  You would choose images that resonate (usually after you have decided what it is you want and articulated your desire or goal statement) and reflect your intended desire, goal or dream.  It can be specific or generic.

So someone wanting to attract a partner and marriage into her life may choose images of her perfect wedding gown, ring and a house she would live in with happy looking couples and include words that matter like – friendship, love, peace, trust.  And yes, I do know someone who used this tool and it worked for her.  She not only got the man of her dreams (someone who did not want children with her) and the ring she wanted and beach-side home (she lived in Hawaii).

What are the steps I can start with?

If you are still new to the Law of Attraction how about using this first for mini events in your life.  Once you get your evidence it works it will be so easy to move on to using this effectively with your desires.

Step 1 – Relax; let go the day’s events and close your eyes

Step 2 – Imagine the environment you are in.  If you are holding something imagine it in detail – what it looks like, feel like, and sound like

Step 3 – Get into 3rd position so you can see how you are in the environment – what you like how others are responding to you – what their faces look like, what you sound like, what you look like

Step 4 – Get into 1st position – if you are presenting then imagine in detail how you sound like the perfect flow of your speech and optimal choice of words – and you feel calm and confident

Step 5 – Wrap it up…perhaps with the signing off on a deal, thunderous applause…the choice is yours.

And Finally…

Let me be clear – in order to achieve your dreams and goals and desires, visualisation is just a TOOL to ensure you get to where or what you want.  I am not suggesting that you do not need to work or do or lay out plans and strategies.   You still need to prepare for that client meeting or interview, you still need to practice for that presentation.  Visualisation however is the oft overlooked piece by too many on keeping focused, positive and motivated as you do what you need to do to achieve your objectives.  Using visualisation when focusing on team and organisational goals for example, in fact increases confidence and creativity in finding solutions and strengths, when and should those obstacles appear.

Remember there are 3 Steps to attracting what you WANT.  And this is part of Step 2.  When using visualising though, it really helps to be UNREAL.  You are seeing, hearing and feeling about something you truly want but do not have yet – so go wild.  (And remember that car/watch/partner you now have and always wanted was “not real” until you got it.

Let me end with a quote I copied from somewhere without a source identified that connects with all of this:

Ordinary people believe only in the possible.  Extraordinary people visualise not what is possible or probable but rather what is impossible.  And by visualising the impossible they begin to see it as possible.

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  1. Prem Shankar
    Interesting article. Visualization no doubt is an effective tool to keep you in high spirits. Well written article Roshini! Thanks!
  2. Time. Give yourself a stress-free hour or two to put your board together. If you're a social butterfly, invite you friends over and make a party out of it. I host a vision board party every year on the first night of my partner mastermind weekend and I can't even tell you how much it sets the tone for the event -- everyone is more focused and less stressed after we do it.

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